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4 Steps To Creating a Killer Customer Persona

Imagine if you knew your customers like you know your best friends.

You know what kind of food they like, what movies they like, their hobbies, interests, and social activities.
You know what type of gift they like and conversely what they don’t like.
All of this helps you to not only be great friends but also to know their needs.

Now imagine if you had just met your friend yesterday. If you wanted to form a deep friendship you’d start learning about them a little at a time. There is no “Science” behind this stuff. Mankind has been doing this from the beginning of time. Before computers, cell phones, and internet existed, businesses knew the importance of “knowing” their customers.

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The Perfect Formula for an ‘All-in-1’ Online Marketing Strategy

In the last 20 years marketers have had a blast. As marketers we have access to so much more information than we did before. There are so many new technologies, tools, and platforms that can help us better understand our customers. That means we can significantly impact the bottom line. Marketing is not just a cost-center anymore.

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How to 10x Your Instagram Marketing

As modern marketers we are always on the look out for new exciting tools and technologies that can help us get more sales. Social media is like a treasure trove for marketers, opening the door to a huge number of potential customers. But like any technology, or productivity tool, social media requires strategy and planing to get you the results you desire.

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Instagram Introduces ‘Stories’ and Begins Clash of Titans With Snapchat

Instagram is a great social media platform with an explosive growth rate. In B2B industries, LinkedIn is the platform of choice but Instagram has the highest social engagement among any platform. For example a recent report shows Linkedin is the leader in aerospace and defense with 142,000 followers. However Instagram is the most effective channel in aerospace with an average engagement of 29.10 compared to 1.12 engagement ratio on LinkedIn.

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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Professional Skills

Social media is a powerful platform to not only build your professional brand but also to learn the latest in your niche. As a busy individual with lots of things to do you probably think there is no time for social media. And that’s to some extent true. We all have too much to do and not enough time to do our stuff.

So the question is how badly do you want to build your professional skills? Is it something that you can put a $ amount next to? How you answer the question determines your strategy. If you’re like most other busy professionals then time is your most valuable asset. Social media is a great way to learn without sacrificing too much time. If you don’t have the time or money for university extension courses and graduate degrees then social media is a treasure trove of learning.

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26 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketers

Are you using WordPress for your business or helping clients with strategy and execution of their marketing? This post covers in great detail 26 WP plugins that can significantly boost the performance of your sales and marketing.

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