What is 80/20 marketing?

In short it is about finding your best prospects. Those 20% of prospects that can bring 80% of sales. Needless to say this is what every business would like to have but it requires a strategy and process to make it happen. Great salespersons already know the many benefits of 80/20 rule and where they need to focus efforts. But too often many salespersons end up spending too much time on activities and prospects that don’t pan out.

Score yourself on 80/20 marketing by answering the following 5 questions

1) Do you know the attributes of top 20% of your customers?

2) Do you know how to find your top 20% of opportunities?

3) Is your current  leads database  graded to show high value prospects?

4) Is your targeted marketing programs producing results?

5) Are you satisfied with your investment in resources to find the top 20%?

For each question choose one of the 4 numbers (4, 3, 2, 1) below and then add.

4: Agree
3: Somewhat agree
2: Disagree
1: Strongly disagree

Total the numbers

Sum up your answers and use the list below to evaluate your 80/20 marketing proficiency.

If your score is 20 then Congratulations, you are a rock star

If your score is between 15 and 20 then you are on the right track and can improve

If your score is anything less than  15 then you are losing opportunities, the sooner you implement 80/20 marketing the sooner you’ll multiply your sales.

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Nick Rakhshani