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How Do Companies Grow Sales By Going Digital-Survey of 1000 Sales Executives

McKinsey’s research on digital sales is a great example of the complexity of the subject. What does going digital mean in sales success? Isn’t sales all about relationship building and sales skills?

Well yes and no. In the traditional sense, sales is still about relationship building although that relationship is increasingly becoming “digital”. Instead of a sales rep driving the process from the get go, companies are relying more on automating, refining, and enhancing the customer experience along the sales path.

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3 Entrepreneurial Lessons They don’t teach You In Business School

I have worked with many business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs that didn’t go to business school yet they are extremely good at what they do. It almost seems like if they had gone to business school they would not have been any more successful than they are.

Here are some things that they don’t teach you in business school:

How to deal with real life challenges of running a business
When to trust your instinct
How to deal with failure

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Top 5 Online Marketing Tools and 20 ways to Use Them

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer you have already plenty of things to do to move your business forward. So when you want to do more in less time how do you decide what productivity tools to use?

And after you decide which tools to use, you still need to learn how to use them in a way that make sense for your needs. It’s not unusual for some to decide that the learning curve is too steep and not worth the effort. Yet for others a particular tool can be an absolute must-have because it can help get more sales.

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How to calculate value-based pricing

Value pricing is one of the most misunderstood among the different pricing strategies. Yet it can be one of the most practical. The central focus of this strategy is on calculating pricing for the differentiated product feature. Value pricing does not take into consideration the value of your brand. In industries where brand value influences pricing, this strategy may not be effective.

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What fuels the mind of a venture capitalist

According to National Venture Capital Association, in the first 3 months of 2015, VCs invested more money than the full year totals for 17 years of the past 20 years. In the world of top VCs, finding entrepreneurs that want to change the world is what’s it’s all about because breakthrough ideas can bring in a lot of money. VCs are looking for innovators and visionaries with an infectious belief and enthusiasm in their new product even if the rest of the world doesn’t believe in them.

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How to avoid risk in online advertising

The pressures on marketers to show ROI can lead to pay low rates for ads. Low rates could mean less risk but the tradeoff can be lower quality traffic that is coming from fraudulent sources. So at the end of the day, you could lose money given your investment in resources and the expectations of your shareholders.

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4 Tools to Help You Identify the Skills You Need to Grow

All leaders are learners. If you aren’t learning you’re dying. But learning requires intention, and a commitment to success. A quick survey of people in business shows those that have accomplished great things have a deep commitment to learning. They are continuously working on their skills in key areas of business. You may say everyone wants success, everyone wants to be lead a purposeful life. But not everyone is willing to learn.

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