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Entrepreneurship is not just about big ideas

Entrepreneurship is an exciting and all consuming job. People seem to want to equate entrepreneurs with only big ideas. When we think of entrepreneurs we seem to automatically think of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin and many other like them.

But in reality these super entrepreneurs are not the only definition of entrepreneurship.

What about a small business owner that designs and sells custom fountain pens. Is he an entrepreneur?

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3 Entrepreneurial Lessons They don’t teach You In Business School

I have worked with many business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs that didn’t go to business school yet they are extremely good at what they do. It almost seems like if they had gone to business school they would not have been any more successful than they are.

Here are some things that they don’t teach you in business school:

How to deal with real life challenges of running a business
When to trust your instinct
How to deal with failure

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The Perfect Formula for an ‘All-in-1’ Online Marketing Strategy

In the last 20 years marketers have had a blast. As marketers we have access to so much more information than we did before. There are so many new technologies, tools, and platforms that can help us better understand our customers. That means we can significantly impact the bottom line. Marketing is not just a cost-center anymore.

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Instagram Introduces ‘Stories’ and Begins Clash of Titans With Snapchat

Instagram is a great social media platform with an explosive growth rate. In B2B industries, LinkedIn is the platform of choice but Instagram has the highest social engagement among any platform. For example a recent report shows Linkedin is the leader in aerospace and defense with 142,000 followers. However Instagram is the most effective channel in aerospace with an average engagement of 29.10 compared to 1.12 engagement ratio on LinkedIn.

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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Gain a Competitive Advantage

A strong value proposition can make a huge impact in you business. But how do you create a strong value proposition? There is a process and method to craft a compelling value prop but here are some non traditional insights that can help your business stand out from the competition.

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10 Can’t-Miss Tips to Dominate Your Cold Calls

No one likes to make cold calls but it’s part of sales whether we like it or not. The good news is that there’s a method and process that can make cold calling easier. Learning to use these techniques combined with daily discipline can lead to improved results.

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Rewiring Your Brain to Become a Better Leader

Mindfulness is an age old method of centering and focusing the mind that can boost your performance at work and at the same time help you lead a happier, more purposeful life. It has to do with how our brain can actually physically change to adapt to the thoughts and feelings that we put into it. The brain actually talks to our heart through a conduit of nerves. What this means is that we can change our habits, hang ups, and patterns we do not like.

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