We believe the best way to approach a potential project is first to understand our client’s business needs including opportunities, gaps, and objectives.  We do this through a 3 step process described below. For more information about my consulting practice you can visit www.satoba.com

Step 1-Discovery

We start with an initial complementary phone consultation to get a general idea of key ares of interest. If there is a potential fit, we setup a second meeting to go a little deeper and discuss high level needs. During step 1, we hope to be able to discuss top level needs, gaps and opportunities. We’ll narrow down the top 3 areas of interest to you that can significantly positively impact your business.

Step 2-Recommendation

At this step we develop the scope, review assumptions, objectives, and ROI. We present our recommendations and determine the next step.

Step 3- Start of project

Client can retain us for further needs analysis or choose to proceed with recommendations. We use an iterative process with clear objectives. With the start of the project, we can further fine-tune and customize programs to further meet client needs.

Please contact me to schedule a time to discuss your project.