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I invite you to get in my upcoming hyper funnel program and stay tuned for a special FREE bonus at launch.

Need to close more high ticket deals? Are you tired of spending lots of time prospecting and not getting any real results?

In my upcoming program, I give you not only the vision on what it will take to create a high ticket funnel but also show you how to build it. My simple 4 step program can multiply your sales and create a scalable, more controllable sales pipeline. Think of it as your scalable process to generating leads and closing more deals.

Let's talk about sales dominance. What’s it going to take to sell high ticket products predictably and repeatedly?

This is for people that have tried everything else but nothing has worked for them.

....If that's you read on.

There are only 4 reasons people buy. 

  • Make money
  • Save money
  • Stay out of trouble
  • Improve quality of life

To win in sales your offer needs to solve one of these deep desires. But it doesn't matter how great your offer is if you have a weak funnel.

Here's the challenge, most business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales reps admit building a reliable, predictable high ticket funnel is really hard. That challenge leads to stress, frustration, and lost opportunities. 

But that’s not all!

The risks of a weak funnel are much more than just frustration and lost opportunities. As soon as you win a deal, you're worried about how you're going to get your next deal.That by itself is enough to create many sleepless nights. 

Wait there is more!

You may have worked for weeks or even months on that big deal you just closed. Can you replicate it again?

The answer too often is a BIG NO!

It can’t be replicated because you didn’t have a turn-by-turn process. You didn'nt have a roadmap that shows you turn-by-turn directions to your goal.

Were you just lucky or was there something in the funnel process that helped you close that deal?

You see the problem here….

To create reasonable control and predictability in your funnel requires a change in mindset.

Too often we think we can succeed by:

  • Mindlessly adding more “tech” to the funnel
  • Keep trying different things until something sticks
  • Quick fix solutions that don’t last
  • Copying someone else's funnel

None of these produce real results. And anyone that tells you "hustle your face off with no sleep" is living in a dream world. You don't have unlimited time or opportunities. And the truth is you're already spending your time on something else and time is not scalable.

Maybe you're a coach or consultant, and you're already working 60 hour weeks. That means you don’t have time to waste. Maybe you're in a niche where deals can take 6 months to 1 year to close. A lot of your time is spent moving opportunities to the next step in a complex decision making funnel with lots of meetings and multiple decision makers. Your pool of opportunities are limited and you only need a few deals to make your big commission.  

The bottom line is this.

 You can't drop everything you're doing to start generating more leads without spending more time which you don't have.

So it’s catch 22.......  

What can you do? 

A change in mindset requires us to go back to the basics of good common sense business and understand what drives six figure sales. We need to change our thinking from one of quick fixes to that which can stand the test of time. 

So in my program I'll show you turn-by-turn directions on how to create a scalable funnel that can multiply your sales and work for you 24/7. 

4 steps dedicated completely to you building a hyper funnel for your high ticket product or service that's going to generate cash and not kill your schedule.

But not just that, the format of the program is unique. Not only I'm teaching you everything that I teach my clients about how to scale and grow their business, I'm also going to teach how to make it work for your business. I'm going to deep dive on specific topics that are very important in order for you to execute what we're going to talk about. 

Step 1: We're going to focus solely on what it will take to create a roadmap for your funnel. What decision points your customers take before purchase. We’ll learn how those decision points impact your sales funnel and revenue. 

Step 2: Here we're going to talk about positioning your offer so it stands out from the competition. We'll talk about your messaging and how to build authority so you’re the trusted go-to expert for your prospect. I'm going to start by showing you exactly what you need to do to engage your opportunities so you win more deals. 

Step 3: I'm going to show your what marketing hooks to use to attract customers into your funnel. You’ll learn how to choose your lead sources, both paid and organic traffic, and how to go about identifying your best prospects. We’ll deep dive into how the system can help you identify tire kickers so you don’t waste your time.

Step 4: I'm going to show you how to build and run your hyper funnel. I'm going to walk you through the EXACT steps I teach my other clients. You’ll learn about which tech tools can actually help deliver results. We’ll deep dive into clever automation tools that can multiply your sales. This is a hands on lesson where you'll build your lead generation machine. 

As with any high impact results based program, skills alone will only get you so far. And that's why my program combines virtual training to build skills with accountability and mentorship to deliver real results.

$1.5 Million in 12 months

Take one of my high ticket clients. It's a simple funnel.

The funnel has 3 lead generation sources. Average offer is about $150,000. Average time to close is about 4 months. 

This funnel can be managed from anywhere with internet access. There's no huge product launches and NO PAID ADS! It starts with a simple hyper funnel that's tuned to produce EXACTLY the results the client wants.  

And it has delivered DOUBLE DIGIT sales growth every year for the past 3 years. 

Need a lead generation machine to close more high ticket deals?

In this training I'll show you the blueprint to setup your 6-figure lead generation machine that can work for you 24/7. There are 4 steps to build such a machine and I'll teach you in details EXACTLY how to create it.  


Map your customer journey from start to finish. Identify key decision points. Create the structure of your funnel.


Identify your ideal customers. Create or assemble your high value marketing assets. 


Position your business as a leading solution provider in your niche. Set yourself apart from the competition.


Build your funnel and fine tune it to your business. We'll get into tools and platforms that can super charge your funnel

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Nick Rakhshani

“My name is Nick Rakhshani and I am the president of Satoba Technology Marketing and owner of blog. I have worked with dozens of small and fortune 500 companies that manufacture high ticket products sold internationally. 

I work with businesses and entrepreneurs who want to increase sales and grow their business. Most of what I do is focused on high ticket offers that range from a few thousands to over $250,000. 

— Nick Rakhshani

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Looking to create 6-figure funnels? Want something that produces real results?  

Hyper funnel is a framework I created based on 20+ years of practical experience working in the trenches with businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

This program contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices for helping you learn how to generate quality leads. Get a jumpstart in creating turn-by-turn directions to multiply sales that is UNIQUE TO YOUR BUSINESS.

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