If you’re a small business owner or going it alone as a sales representative, you know that there never seems to be enough hours in the day. With so many tasks to attend to, stellar productivity tools are more than a perk — they can be absolutely essential to excelling in your trade.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to share that I use three Gmail-based sales productivity tools that are absolutely tops when it comes to making you a more efficient businessperson. If you utilize these three tools in your daily work flow, results will come.

Without further ado, let’s break down these Gmail productivity tools, starting with Streak.

Streak CRM

Whether you’re a salesperson, entrepreneur, or a business owner, Streak’s intuitive, and easy-to-use interface will instantly catch your eye. You can access Streak right from within  Gmail.

Streak helps you run your entire business from your inbox in a secure fashion. Your emails are never stored on their servers. If you are a Gmail devotee and don’t yet have a CRM solution that you like, I highly suggest giving Streak a shot.

Streak bolsters your productivity by easily segmenting your contacts into different criteria. If you’re someone that deals with distributors, channel partners, and consumers, you can immediately recognize the benefits. Streak serves to streamline pipeline management, and it is also great for creating sales related notes, reminders, and more. And since it’s based in the cloud, Streak is accessible from any computer.

But one of the my favorite features of Steak is how easy it is to export the information from Streak to a CSV file.

How I Use It: I use Streak for sales and marketing, keeping track of my pipeline, prospecting, and organizing information. Streak lets me create separate databases for different types of information. Sharing contact information between databases? No problem. Making databases featuring custom fields? A cinch. You can even filter databases via any column, and, if you’re a paid subscriber, can create saved views in a pinch. In my opinion, Streak is one of the easiest CRMs to master that’s currently available.

The task reminders system is another favorite feature of mine, as it greatly aids in following up with critical sales leads. And don’t worry — exporting data to a CSV file is fully supported. I do it all the time, and let me tell you, porting data to CSVs is as whiz-bang simple as all the other features I’ve listed.

The downside? Streak CRM doesn’t currently play well with today’s social media platforms, although the team behind the software is working hard to add new features all the time. But if you want a CRM systems that is process driven, seamlessly integrates with Gmail, easy to use, and easy to export to CSV then Streak is a great solution.

>  The Streak pipeline management engine is awesome and easy to use.


GMass for Gmail

GMass is an incredibly powerful mass email tool for Gmail that also happens to be free (and don’t we all love the word “free?”). Using GMass, like Streak CRM before it, is a cinch.

Here’s how:

GMass plays nice with Google Sheets. All you need do is hop into Sheets, create your desired email list(s), and then roll from there. GMass will pick up on your email lists and allow you to mass send emails to your list straight from Gmail. The bonuses? GMass tracks open rates and clicks for you and even creates reports… and again, this all happens directly within Gmail.

How I Use It: As you can probably glean, Gmass is superb for marketing automation in that the software makes it so simple to blast out mass emails that contain custom details. It doesn’t require working with an outside mass email program like MailChimp, saving you time and allowing you to work within a framework (Gmail/Sheets) that you already understand.


> GMASS has great features such as the ability to resend emails to those that did not open or those that clicked certain links. 

Clearbit Connect

On their official website, Clearbit Connect promises to “give your inbox super powers,” and we don’t entirely disagree with this sales claim.

The background: Clearbit is a startup that has whipped up a nifty Gmail extension that allows you to speedily find and retrieve important contact information. Clearbit, as we mentioned, integrates directly into the Chrome web browser from Google, allowing you to search for up to 25 emails per month across a 30 million person database – and that’s just for the free version. Clearbit also searches through more than 200 data sources for each contact request, ensuring that you’re receiving comprehensive results.

How I Use It: Clearbit Connect is perfect for discovering the real entity behind a domain name or email address. It allows me to save hours painstakingly searching for individual contacts. Also, the service integrates with Slack and Google Sheets, too. Trust me, it’s well worth your time!

If you integrate any or all of the above into your workflow, I truly believe you’ll see some outstanding results that boost your daily productivity. Give Streak, Clearbit, and Gmass a shot, and let me know your thoughts!

Any questions?

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Nick Rakhshani